Are your warm-ups working?

Sometimes players can be slow to start matches or sluggish at the start of training, which can be very frustrating for coaches at all levels of the game. It’s usually because they haven’t warmed up properly. Remember – every single player needs warming up, especially when the weather turns nasty.

Make sure you have some different warm-ups to try with your players, like these four favourites of mine.

One of the best warm-ups for eager younger players is Bib pull-away. It’s simple to set up and great for young players who have energy to harness. Plus, it focuses young minds on individual responsibility within a team.

One of my go-to warm-ups is One touch passing. It’s ideal on match day as it gets players moving the ball quickly and with purpose as soon as they get onto the pitch.

For a more elaborate warm-up, Chase the cones is a great problem-solving activity that will energise brains and bodies. I saw this game used by Real Madrid at a training session before an important game, so I know it works. Check it out because it’s good fun for older players.

Finally, for a focused goal-scoring session, Total finishing warm-up gets pairs of strikers to combine and create chances for each other in the penalty area. It is great for technique as well as the movement. Use this warm-up to make sure your strikers are switched on in the final third of the pitch.


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