Can your players volley a ball?

It is not only spectacular goals that you see from players volleying the ball you also see fantastic goal line clearances and defenders clearing the ball from corners or crosses – but what is a volley?

A volley happens when the ball has not bounced since being kicked by the previous player. You often hear commentators call bouncing balls or half volleys as being on the volley but that is not a true volley.

Hitting the ball before it has bounced is far riskier than a taking a touch first but if you get your players to perfect the technique they have more chance of taking defenders and goalkeepers by surprise. In the youth game hitting the ball on the volley is the perfect way to hit the back of the net or clear off their own goal line.

The best way to start is to use this simple sessions to develop the technique for kicking the ball when it’s not on the ground. To start your players off the EasiCoach activity Volley (U11-U14 activity) will help teach them the basic technique.

Now you can begin to move away from just two players volleying to each other and get them in a circle using the session Volley Pass to give them the confidence to use a volley – it’s great fun and you will get lots of laughs as they try to perfect it.

Talking of fun, for the younger age groups use this fun game Buddy Hollys to get your youngsters playing a session where they can develop the use of the volley.

And for the older age groups put the technique to the test in a small sided game Volley and Catch where they will have lots of opportunities to volley unlike a normal game where they may just get one chance.

Finally give them some individual coaching where you serve the ball to them in the session Volleying from different heights so they can smash it into the net. This is your end goal to getting the most out of a volley

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