Coaches and kids keep fit at home

Okay I’m not going to use the bored word here… not yet anyway! I enjoy plenty of exercise during lockdown even though it is either in my front room or in the garden. I don’t want to come back from the coronavirus break – in the words of Pep Guardiola – “a little bit fatter!” If you have a variety of training for each day you can hopefully keep in shape for the summer months when we can start looking forward to being back at our clubs.

You can create simple relays with your family or play simple 1v1 or 2v2 games … I’m sure most siblings will welcome the chance to do something fun and fit. Here are a few ideas to get your own youngsters in shape and to send out to your team players so they can do something that keeps them fit.

For your players, you want a combination of activities so they can work in a variety of ways. One of the best individual fitness sessions is Leg press with a ball, which players can do at home. It is simple, just needs a ball and works on leg strength, which is vital to young players.

If you have a number of children in your family why not try this small-sided Continuous 2v2 game.

Short bursts of speed are vital in football, and you don’t want your players to lose their sharpness. Try this session How can you train speed in your players? It’s one of the best ways to keep players fit and sharp, and will help your players hit the ground running when it comes to pre-season.

And if you want some fun while keeping fit try Skills relays. A race is always a good way to get young players to put the extra effort in.

As for us coaches, we need something that helps maintain body strength. I always do a set of press-ups each morning to keep my body fit for coaching – and to look better in those training tops! So use the tips in Soccer press-ups to help you. And to keep your legs strong so that you don’t get tired on the touchline, The tuck jump is ideal practice.

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