Create a team of ball winners

If you want your team to win more games, the best place to start is by keeping hold of the ball. But if you find that even the brightest of your young stars is prone to losing possession when on a surging forward run, always make sure that each member of your team understands how important it is to get the ball back as quickly as possible.

You only have to look at N’Golo Kante at Chelsea to see how effective a midfield ball winner can be for a team.

Top Tips For Midfield Interceptors

> Try and mark opponents ball side and goal side
> Be close enough to press opponents when they are receiving
> Recognise when to mark the player and when to cover space
> Be positioned to intercept
> Know when (and when not) to try and intercept
> Play quickly when regaining possession
> On winning the ball, try to counterattack with a pass or a run

If you want your players to always work hard in tireless pursuit of the ball like Chelsea’s Kante and gain an excellent reading of the game like he has, the following two activities will help them get to the ball first and teach them how to regain possession quickly.

Steal the ball is all about positioning in this lively intercepting game aimed at teaching your players how to nick the ball back from the other team while it’s still in midfield.

If you want your players to understand the role of a midfield power house, try The enforcer. It’s a challenging game to teach them how to win back possession.

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