Create goals from midfield

Getting your midfielders to see what is in front of them and seeing opportunities to pass long or pass behind the defence will help your team to be more successful on the pitch. Passing to switch play or to find a player in space is a great way to create attacking opportunities when nothing seems to be on. It is also good to shoot from long distance when the defence opens up in front of your players. Long passes and long shots can be a spectacular way to get the ball in the back of the net.

How many times have you seen your players with an opportunity to shoot from outside the box but they don’t look up and the moment is gone. You need to make your players comfortable to take up a position outside the box and strike from there. Time and time again goals are scored by players by hitting shots from distance.

The exercises on the below will show you how to educate your midfielders to affect a game, even from within their own half, with long measured balls and crossfield passes. On top of that, they can learn how to take up suitable goalscoring positions outside the opposition penalty area and shoot from distance.

Shooting from midfield is a great way to get your team to catch the opposition out. Use Shoot! to get players lining up shots. Players can be scared to shoot from distance but this session will make sure they start doing it in matches.

Coach your players how to capitalise on an accurate pass out of midfield. Beat the back four is guaranteed to set up goalscoring opportunities. Midfield players can open up defences if they see the right pass, which is often to a player in space on the other side of the pitch. In a counterattacking situation defenders are on the back foot and a clever, accurate passer can pull them apart with a crossfield ball.

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