Developing a number 10

Players who are creative are match winners… of that there is no doubt. I love to see a player dancing around with the ball slipping a pass through or taking on a challenge to whip the ball into dangerous areas of the opposition box. It’s why they are so much in demand in the top teams around the world.

Clever passing is key to developing your number 10. Setting an attacker free in front of goal is great to see and will often result in a goal. And shooting from outside the box creating chances from rebounds or mistimed clearances. But your number 10 can also work well when your team has lost the ball, cutting off passing routes forcing play backwards helping your team to get back into position.

I start my number 10s with passing games because this is the one element that will guarantee your team is more attacking and more penetrative against the opposition. Try the sessions below with your team and then go to the website to find more ways to develop your number 10.

Penetrating passes in and around the penalty area are fantastic ways to get behind a defence. Four square provides plenty of opportunities to make clever passes and set up play around the goal area.

A great session for creating the team orchestrator is The key player which gives you the tools to coach a key player in your team to set up plays and unlock the opposition’s defence. Balls played into space beyond the defenders and into wide positions are encouraged, as are quick passing moves.

For any coach who is still in lockdown or has difficulty in getting the team together don’t forget to check out our online lesson plans – the Coaching Classroom.

The Coaching Classroom removes the constraints imposed by the time you have with your players giving you a wide range of ways to introduce and develop key principles of the game – without limiting the amount of time players spend with a ball at their feet.

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