Dominating possession but not winning matches?

One of the stand out features of the Premier League and the Championship in England this season has been the relation of ball possession to the number of goals scored. There’s something wrong with it.

Many teams are having up to 75% possession and yet they are not winning the game. The attacks become stale and the opposition can easily read where the ball is going and know how to react to it.

Take Leeds United with world renowned coach Marcello Bielsa who play some of the best passing football I have ever seen. They dominate every game they play but don’t necessarily win.

In youth football it is the same. Your team can dominate a match but end up on the losing side. It needs a variety of ways to attack the goal and it needs teams to change the way they are attacking and the direction the attack comes from to catch teams off guard and leave the goal at the mercy of your attackers.

So it’s simple… change the angle of attack when your team is not scoring goals but you are dominating possession.

Here are my four best ways to change the angle of attack:

Getting the ball wide is often key to changing the angle it comes into the penalty area. Crossing points helps to get players to use the option of going wide and crossing into the penalty area if they are finding it difficult to penetrate or the penalty area becomes too crowded

Practice plans are a good way to get your players ready for matches – in 4v4 switch opponent teams must be able to quickly move the ball in different directions to build an attack. Defenders must also be able to react to different angles of approach.

For more advanced teams Angles of attack tests a number of developmental characteristics in players, from the technical – multiple and varied touches and passes of the ball, position-specific work and handling pressure – to tactical linking with players in similar positions and game understanding linked to rules and conditions

Younger players like having fun at training and Top Gun is a great way to get them to change the angle they are attacking the goal. The team must get the ball to their Top Gun, but they cannot score until the Top Gun has linked with a support player. When the support player has linked up with the Top Gun they can either shoot or pass back to the Top Gun or another team mate.

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