Dribbling and crossing

There are many attacking wingers who excite on the world stage, with Juventus attacker Cristiano Ronaldo and Liverpool’s Mo Salah immediately springing to mind. Yet while they both bring fear and trepidation into the fullbacks marking them, they are pretty single-minded when it comes to their offensive play. Their aim, more often than not, is to beat their marker and shoot at goal, which they do to devastating effect.

However, if you want your winger to be more of a team player, then look no further than Manchester City’s Leroy Sane. Like Ronaldo and Salah, the German scores goals, but he is equally happy to cut in from the wing on his left foot to deliver balls into the box for the likes of Sergio Aguero and the onrushing Raheem Sterling.

What Sane does so well is whip the ball into the danger zone with supreme accuracy, but what he also does is put tremendous pace onto the ball; this way, the forwards only need the slightest of touches, either with their head or feet, to send the ball goalwards at speed. The trajectory also makes it much harder for the defenders to get to the ball ahead of the oncoming forward player.

Try the sessions below to get your players to take on a little of that Sane magic. The first session will see enough balls flying into the box to cause the kind of chaos that the German often creates, while the second session will teach your players to add an end product to their dribbling.

The focus of Crosses and rebounds is the wide areas and creating space in the packed area in front of the goals. Rebounds from crosses are plentiful in youth games and attackers need to be alert to follow up and score.

Great wingers can cut inside and shoot. Use Zigzag dribble to encourage your players to add an end product to their dribbling. In matches you want to see players dribbling into space and creating problems. The focus of this session is on ball control while running, with an end product.



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