Fast attacks win games

One of the basic principles of ‘pass and move’ is for the ball rather than the player to ‘do the work’ as a team shifts possession swiftly from back to front.

Even in a fluent passing team though, the most obvious way to take a game to the opposition is with your players carrying the ball forward and looking to exploit the space in front of them. Try Fast forward to get players moving the ball quickly into opposition territory.

While conservative players will look to play a pass sideways or hold their position in a defensive area of the field, more dynamic individuals will always be looking to advance themselves and the ball.

Key to this is having the ability to ‘turn and go’ when receiving the ball in midfield – knowing where to find the space.

This means a key message that coaches at all levels of the game should pass on is the importance of players keeping their heads up and looking around as often as possible in a game. When you run a training session, make sure your players are concentrating on what’s going on around the pitch.

Often a midfielder will collect a ball with their back to play and can expect instant challenges from the side and behind. Having good upper body strength and balance will help your players hold off opponents before rotating and changing direction to advance quickly forward. Try using Turn and go to get your players looking to play forward.

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