Final day tactics – be prepared!

There are some big games coming up right around the globe and lots of them on your own doorstep. My players are now facing a cup final and the last few games to see where they end up in the league.

It can be tempting to throw everything at the opposition when facing such must-win matches, but as the exercises below outline, there is much to be said for taking a patient approach to these games. Our sessions demonstrate how your team can keep possession of the ball and work it to fashion chances. Such a measured approach should eventually succeed in breaking down opponents and prevent your team from being hit on the counterattack.

Top tips for winning make or break games

As you go into ‘make or break’ games, get your players to consider the following…
> Keep it simple: big game pressures can bring out a tendency for teams to either freeze or ‘over play’. Get your team to play their regular game, irrespective of the occasion, and focus on succeeding at the basics of passing, team shape and organisation.
> Show opponents respect: even when playing a team with less points, always be aware that upsets can happen, especially when a big prize is at stake. Never take your opponent lightly.
> Prepare mentally: concentration, determination, confidence and a positive mental attitude are all crucial qualities you should instil in your players prior to any vital match. Talk calmly in the big match build up, ensuring they are not overawed about the game coming up.

Use these sessions to help your team win make or break games:

To stop teams hitting you on the counter attack Solid as a rock will help you to be strong in defence when facing up to a counterattacking threat.

Midfield creativity is one way to attack teams that are tough to break down. Create the unexpected will help your team to catch opponents by surprise and create goal scoring chances.

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