Games to get players talking

The best teams communicate on the pitch. Players encourage one another, call for the ball, organise the defence and look around them to see who is open to the pass.  Communication is the key to making your team more successful.

Here are four ways to help your players communicate better.

Start by giving your players the chance to shout out moves they want their team mates to make. In The Conductor if the communication is poor or the defenders don’t listen to the player making all the calls, the attackers will breakthrough.

You can then play this great game that is fun and needs players to communicate to win the game. Tic tac toe is  all about using soccer brains to solve the game then getting a ball and score in the goal. Lots of coaching points but it is the efforts of the players to win the game that works best.

When your players are passing the ball they need to communicate to the receiver where the danger lies behind them. “Put information on the pass” is a term you can use to encourage your players to communicate when passing the ball – try using Info on the Pass it will help encourage players to be constructive in their play.

Finally, I find small-sided games are excellent for communication on the pitch. Switching play – creating space is  a session that improves a player’s awareness of when and where they can turn with the ball, and helps them hunt out space in tight areas in order to switch the play.

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