Get all your players scoring goals

Every one of your players will love scoring goals – even the goalkeeper. It is an important part of your team strategy that you do not rely on just one player to score for your team during the season.

Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola says it is vital to have numerous different players scoring goals during the season, reducing the reliance on a single individual or small group of individuals and avoiding a drop off in results should they lose a key player or two.

“We cannot win the title just with one or two players scoring. Our attacking midfielders, especially and our defenders have been scoring goals. That is good,” Guardiola said.

City have had 13 different goalscorers so far this season with 11 of them scoring two or more goals. Liverpool have had 15 different goalscorers with 9 scoring 2 or more goals.

No wonder these two teams are at the top of the league.

If you want your team to score more goals then get everyone scoring using the sessions below:

Fast breaks from your teams’ own half of the pitch are great ways to create goal scoring opportunities. Five seconds to score puts players into situations where when they win the ball they have to shoot straight away.

There are also situations in matches where there are 1v1 or 2v2 battles to win. In Win the ball, score a goal you need your attacking players to take advantage of these situations to win the ball and fire a shot at goal.

One of the great sights in soccer is watching a centre-back storm out of defence into the opposition half with midfielders and attackers fanning out in front of them, creating chaos in the opposition defence. Team shape via central defenders will get young players doing the same.

Breakout and score is a great session for possession and speed of play in midfield, with quick ball speed important to replicate match situations. It also helps the movement of strikers to create space and works on their receiving skills.

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