How to create more goals

One of my players loves to score goals… in fact last season when he didn’t score he often cried. I’ve worked with him all last season and at the start of this to make him realise that setting up a goal is just as good as scoring. I’m battling the professional game here because they hold up goalscorers above anyone else but I am also helped by an unusual influence!

Fantasy Football has helped me to explain how getting an assist is as important as the goal that is scored. I can show the number of points players get for assists and the importance they are to getting a good score in Fantasy Football. It’s not the main way to get players appreciating how important assists are but it helps. And this season he has shown me that he can accept that by setting up goals he helps the team.

The number of times he passes the ball to a team mate in a better position to shoot is fantastic. He has become a more complete player for it and the team is better for him doing it. It’s a win-win situation.

Try these sessions to get more assists for your team:

To get your players to create more chances to score with brilliant assists you need to set up situations in training where they can experience this. Four square provides plenty of opportunities to make clever passes and set up play around the goal area.

A great session to use for helping with assists is The key player which gives you the tools to coach a key player in your team to set up plays and unlock the opposition’s defence. Balls played into space beyond the defenders and into wide positions are encouraged, as are quick passing moves.

Now try this small sided game called 3v3v3 central and wide advantage which will show your team the benefits of having two types of attack – an additional attacker in the centre of the pitch will force your team to work on quick combination play in central areas and additional players in wide areas will force your team to play more wide passes where crosses can be made into the opponent’s box.

Lots of assists come from midfield. Try this game Run games from midfield to have your players getting points for assists and for scoring goals – it’s a fast game, played at pace and will give your players a good test.

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