How to be successful in tournaments

Soccer tournaments test both your coaching ability and your player management skills so you must go into them prepared.

Here are six sessions, a combination of activities and advice, that will help you.

Danone Nations Cup Final Girls ©Danone 2018

Tournament matches come thick and fast and you want players to be fit and ready. Try small-sided games such as Score one touch, which recreates the speed of tournament play, and 7 goal shooting range, a quickfire game where taking lots of accurate shots can make the winning difference.

There will be a lot of individual play in attack and defence, so you want players to be strong in 1v1 situations. A great way to practise is to use the game Defending 1v1 in midfield. Creativity will also be a big factor in winning matches and this is where the EasiCoach curriculum can help you give players the skills they need to create goal-scoring chances – Creative in the final third (U14 activity) is ideal for this.

Finally, it is vital for the players and the watching parents that everybody behaves during the games, so consider these two bits of advice when you are at the tournament: 6 ways to help players manage anger and Tournaments – positive and negative behaviour.

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