How to score with both feet

Great strikers can score goals with both of their feet, so try to get your players using their weaker foot close to goal so they’re not twisting their bodies into unusual shapes to try and get their foot in the right position to score.

Close to goal, strikers can guide the ball into the net, they don’t need to rifle it home.

Here are my favourite sessions to help you to coach your players to be comfortable in front of the goal with both feet.

Start with this simple Practice Plan Pass and control with both feet. If your players can be comfortable passing and receiving the ball with both feet they will have more options and be less predictable to play against.

For younger players a great fun game is Best foot forward. By restricting players to zones it encourages them to pass the ball and to use their weaker foot when they are able to.

To get older players to be clinical in front of goal One touch both feet replicates the kind of movement attackers make during matches as they try to create space for a shot at goal. It works on first-time shooting with both feet to sharpen even the dullest striker in front of goal.

For more advanced players of all ages Deadly with both feet encourages players to use the foot nearest goal to shoot. Running with the ball into positions to shoot requires a good deal of skill and hitting the ball at the right moment. This session gives players a good run out dribbling and shooting with both feet.

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