Individual skills: Throw-ins

Everyone is asking for individual skills that their players can work on in the back garden while we are all in this lockdown. One thing no one thinks about is trying to get them to perfect their throw ins so they can throw short or long.

Simply get them to draw a line and make sure they don’t go over the line and get them to throw as far as they can. If they have a brother or sister to help or can get mum or dad into the garden even better. A little competition to see who can throw the furthest is good fun.

Throw-ins can be frustration when you see players penalised or throwing the ball into dangerous areas which can result in the opposition getting possession in important areas of the pitch.

Every throw-in your team gets will be either an opportunity to launch a fresh attack or make an accurate pass to a player in space. But, all too often, possession is literally thrown away by players who don’t know what to do when they’ve got the ball in their hands.

Start with a game that makes taking throw-ins fun for young players. Throw-in frenzy gets them to practice without the boring repetition of just standing and throwing.

Now, think about tactics that can help your team create goal-scoring chances from throw-ins. Turn throw-ins into goals is a very good give and go movement to get behind a defence.

Short throw-ins need accuracy and communication – they are a great way to create space and to advance up the pitch. Feet first is a session I use a lot to get players thinking about where to throw the ball.

If you have a player who can throw the ball a good distance then use him/her to take attacking throw-ins, which can be as devastating as a corner kick. Try How to take long throw-ins, which not only shows the technique but gives you a game to play.

And finally I often get asked about throw-ins to my AskDave email – read my answer to this query My team are often disorganised at throw-ins… Help!

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