Inspire your players to score more goals

If you want to get your season off to a flying start, you’ve got to score more goals. There are many ways to work on goal-scoring, but I find that getting young players to watch, and try to emulate, their favourite stars is a great way to inspire them. Try these five goalscoring sessions, based on the very best in the game, and watch your team benefit.

Score with a header1. From headers: Whether it’s from set pieces or balls whipped in at pace, Spurs striker Harry Kane uses his height and power to head home. Try the practice plan Heading at goal to get your attackers heading with pace at goal

2. From long range: Cut in and unleash a blistering effort with dip or swerve. These have become a trademark of Real Madrid’s Gareth Bale and showed to good effect in last season’s Champions League final. Shooting from distance is a fantastic high tempo session to get players to shoot from everywhere on the pitch.

3. From corners: With a corner whipped in at pace, Manchester United’s Marouane Fellaini manages to find a yard to hold off his opponent and head or stab the ball home. A great session to work on is How to set up an attacking corner, which gives your team the tools to unpick the best defensive lines at set pieces.

4. From close range: Ghost in behind the defence, take up a dangerous position and wait for a precision pass, like the Roberto Firmino/Mo Salah combo does at Liverpool. Score from close range is my go-to session to practise this.

5. From free-kicks: Bend them around the wall like Kieran Trippier or get the ball up and over like Cristiano Ronaldo. Unstoppable free-kicks gives you some ideas for scoring from a dead ball, but you can challenge your players to come up with even more imaginative ways to score.

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