Is there something missing on match day?

Are your forwards missing that little bit of creativity in front of goal that makes the difference between winning and losing? Individual play becomes more important the closer to goal a player gets – so they need to add an element of surprise that will turn good passing moves into goals.

To add surprise and trickery to their play, your strikers should consider…

…Shielding the ball and backing into defenders as much as possible, with the aim of turning their marker in one swift movement.
Can your Under 9s shield the ball? Use Shielding the ball (Under 9 game) from my curriculum to get them shielding and keeping possession in key areas of the pitch

…Taking up positions in between the opposition defence and midfield, making them harder to mark and giving them more licence to play killer passes.
Playing killer passes needs clever work to create space and to see the pass. Line breaking passes is a good example to show your players, then get them to put players through on goal with the session Running onto a pass.

Introducing tricks such as step overs or drag backs, which can help wrong-foot defenders and give them a clear run through on goal.
Encourage your young players to use a skill to get past a strong defence or to beat a goalkeeper when they’ve been put through by a killer pass. One of my go-to games is Double jeopardy which pits the striker against the goalkeeper.

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