Keep fit and score more goals

Keeping fit is something that I marvelled at when I saw Boca Juniors win the Argentinian Premier Division for the 34th time in the final game of the season last week. Carlos Tevez at the age of 36 was instrumental in the season long domination in Argentina – how does he do it?

At 5ft 8ins and stocky with it, Tevez does not have the build of your archetypal modern day striker, but what he lacks in lean muscle, lightning pace and power, he makes up for in his work rate. Tevez will give every last drop of sweat for the full 90 minutes and if coaches do have a criticism of him, it’s that he will often chase down lost causes too often, or drop too deep to receive or chase down the ball.

His stamina and constant movement unsettles defenders and his pressing also encourages his team-mates to do the same. But what he’s best at is hitting the back of the net.

If you want your strikers to take their chances like Tevez, use the training activities below and watch them score more goals.

Passion fruit is great for players to show their determination to win the ball, protect it and move into a scoring position just like Tevez. The session works in pairs so you should try to match up the pairs so they are at similar stages of development.

One of the things Tevez does so well is to judge when to shoot. In Knock out players try to score before their opponents so they knock them out. It is a fast game with constantly changing teams, and it gets attackers to sniff out opportunities and capitalise on them.

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