Last training before Christmas?

It is such a busy time of the year and parents and coaches alike still need to think about getting to training and running sessions that keeps the players focused even though their minds are on Christmas. And the fact that they had their Christmas party at the club at the weekend already gives an end of term feel!

It is a good time to be having a party though, my U9 players are in need of a break from normal training sessions so the party was a great time to play some different kinds of games – but even these will help their development.

You can read my advice and use the activities below.

This week my U9 team have been chosen to be mascots with the first team in a local derby match. The boys are very excited about going to the game and running out onto the pitch with the players.

It has given them another reason to enjoy being part of the club and helps them to understand that they may be U9s but they are part of the bigger picture at the club. The feeling of belonging helps to encourage them not to miss training and to make sure they have all their kit on match days.

It is up to me to make sure they enjoy training as well and that I understand how they are feeling at different times of the season. The big match follows their training session so I have to decide what to coach them because they will be very excitable!

I’m sure some of the seasonal games below will help me make training fun.

Festive games are great fun but there’s a lot of other things you can do with your players. 12 ways to make training festive has some fantastic ideas to help you design your training session around the Christmas festivities.

Playing fun themed games is a festive way to get across some of your training ideas and skills ideas that you have been working on. Christmas crackers has three games to improve teamwork and build a winning mentality.

In Stocking fillers there are three quick games that work on dribbling, turning and teamwork which are ideal for getting players to use the techniques and skills in an environment where they are thinking more about the game than perfecting the soccer skills – an ideal way to hide the repetition.

If you want a more focused session try this attacking session with a festive theme. Christmas trees and presents gives a light training session using basic skills

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