Late runs into the box

Getting players to time their runs into the penalty area should be a key part of your attacking strategy when you are working with your team. If you are planning what you are going to do when you get back on the training pitch this should be in your plans. It catches opponents out – especially in the key age groups U10-U14.

In the older age groups you should be able to single out players who should be working on their runs timing them to arrive late at corners or attacking situations where they are not picked up as they run into the danger zones.

Download these two key activities and get your players working on them as soon as you can.

You can use a session like Time your runs to coach strikers to burst into the penalty area with well-timed runs to latch onto killer passes that split defences and leave strikers 1v1 with the goalkeeper giving them a great chance to score a goal.

My other favourite session to get players to time their runs into the penalty area with quick thinking and movement to create space is Running late which is a great game for strikers concentrating and getting an advantage in the most dangerous part of the pitch.

I have also linked a couple of podcasts for you to listen to. Look out for my latest podcast with coach Tony Mee coming out later this week. I discuss Tony’s session which is featured in the latest issue of Elite Soccer with him.

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