Legend striker is an U17 coach

Miroslav Klose is the all time leading scorer for the German national team. Now retired he is giving his skills to the 17-year-olds of Bayern Munich.

Jochen Sauer, director of the FC Bayern Campus, talked about events that marked 2018 in a recent interview. A particular highlight for Sauer was when Miroslav Klose was appointed as the coach of the U17. Sauer is astonished by Klose’s coaching approach:

According to Sauer, At least once a week, a special training session is now held to improve the offensive players individually. Klose shows the central strikers how to behave properly in the penalty area and the outside strikers how to properly serve the players in the middle.

Klose was a prolific ‘poacher’ of goals; he did not create many opportunities for himself like Messi or Ronaldo, but he would lurk in and around the penalty area, waiting for a ball to drop in the box or to pounce on a mistake by a defender.

What Klose did better than any striker in world football is time his runs into the box to perfection, meeting a ball from the flanks with a powerful header or showing good technique to bring the ball under control before firing home.

We all love a great scorer of goals and it is fantastic that the German is giving back his skills to the players in his team. Like Klose you can give these skills to your players using the sessions below.

Klose uses a session like Time your runs to coach strikers to burst into the penalty area with well-timed runs to latch onto killer passes that split defences and leave strikers 1v1 with the goalkeeper giving them a great chance to score a goal.

My other favourite session to get players to time their runs into the penalty area with quick thinking and movement to create space is Running late which is a great game for strikers concentrating and getting an advantage in the most dangerous part of the pitch.

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