Losing games? Try this tactic

It may be unfashionable but playing with a back four and four midfielders is a strong tactic that works very well with grassroots teams. You need a lone striker who is willing to work the channels and hold the ball up, supported by fullbacks who can cross the ball and robust midfielders who thrive on such service.

Get a mix of strong players with creative ones who can ping the ball around when your tough tacklers have won it back. Counter attacking is a great way to get past possession teams and working with a solid defence and midfield helps to win the ball and launch attacks from that solid base.

Deep lying playmakers linked with fast wingbacks can be a successful way to spring surprise attacks into enemy territory.

It is a very strong tactic and one you can use with your team when they are losing games.

Try these two sessions to get your team winning the ball and crossing it to great effect into your strikers.

When teams win the ball or play out from the back it is usually the combination play between midfield and attack that creates goalscoring opportunities. Attack from deep gives your midfielders and attackers a great game to cement the combination play between them and helps them to score more goals.

To catch out opposition defenders use Cross boxes. It encourages players to cross accurately and quickly to cause chaos in opposition defences. When they receive the ball on the wing, they will put in a great first-time cross to catch out a retreating defence.

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