Make throw-ins work at all ages

How often do you see one of your players get penalised for a foul throw? It can be a frustrating business watching your team throw away an advantage.

Every throw-in your team gets will be either an opportunity to launch a fresh attack or make an accurate pass to a player in space. But, all too often, possession is literally thrown away by players who don’t know what to do when they’ve got the ball in their hands.

Start with a game that makes taking throw-ins fun for young players. Throw-in frenzy gets them to practice without the boring repetition of just standing and throwing.

Now, think about tactics that can help your team create goal-scoring chances from throw-ins. Turn throw-ins into goals is a very good give and go movement to get behind a defence.

Short throw-ins need accuracy and communication – they are a great way to create space and to advance up the pitch. Feet first is a session I use a lot to get players thinking about where to throw the ball.

If you have a player who can throw the ball a good distance then use him/her to take attacking throw-ins, which can be as devastating as a corner kick. Try How to take long throw-ins, which not only shows the technique but gives you a game to play.

And finally I often get asked about throw-ins to my AskDave email – read my answer to this query My team are often disorganised at throw-ins… Help!

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