My 6 favourite sessions in 2018

I hope you have had a successful 2018 with your team. Coaching has never been so much in the news on both sides of the Atlantic and around the world. Consider yourself to be in one of the most important sporting occupations that influence millions of children every day. has been helping you to coach with activities and advice every day of the year. Here are my six favourite sessions from this year:

Back in March when Zlatan Ibrahimovic signed for LA Galaxy he scored a great goal on his debut. Use Hit a Zlatan Scorcher to get your players using the extra man to create space and shoot from distance.

Goalkeepers are always in the news and Saving through balls is a spectacular feature of the best keepers and one attribute that will help your team to let in less goals.

Having possession of the ball is one thing but making use of that possession and creating goals is another. My favourite session in 2018 for creating goalscoring opportunities is Create in possession. Try it with your team and watch the goal count soar.

Working in overloads is a key topic for teams during the season as it allows players to take advantage of real match situations. 3v2 transitions is great for attacking and defending teams to practice before their next match.

Speed of play is a key factor in decision making for young players. It can often cause them to make mistakes and lose the ball, but lightning fast play is always a winner in grassroots – my favourite this year was Five seconds to score.

And of course scoring goals is one of the favourite topics for most players and one of the best sessions in 2018 was 7 goal shooting range which has plenty of ways to score with added game management key to success.

So there you are, my 6 best sessions over the past year. I hope you find them useful going into 2019 and they bring you and your team success in the second half of the season!

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