Net busters

How many times do you see great moves that demand a goal but end up going lamely out of play because no one finished off the move? How frustrating is that!  A lot of effort on the training ground and by the players on match days goes into building an attack that creates a goal scoring chance… that is why it must be finished off.

You’ve heard the punters on TV say “it was just a tap in”, but it isn’t just a tap in because movement of players, movement of the ball, angles of attack and player positions all go into making it just a tap in. Did you see Raheem Sterling for Manchester City in the Champions League at the end of last season in those crazy games behind closed doors? He missed a tap in… put it over the bar. A great goalscorer showing how hard goal scoring can be.

It can be frustrating watching your team create chances but ultimately not scoring, try the sessions below to help your team score more goals.

Following up a pass into the final third is vital so attacking players get on the end of chances and score goals. Use Quick thinkers and your players will be attacking the goal at every opportunity.

One of my favourite sessions is Fast break. It improves quick attacking and combination play. The attackers must break forward in order to use the extra player and create a chance to score.

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