Play wide, play fast

I’ve watched every game that Leeds United have played under Marcelo Bielsa in the Premier League this season, and boy is it fast! It is a game played with fluidity right across the pitch at speed – crosses fly into the penalty area. And if you lose the ball to them they counter attack in an instant.

This kind of attacking style is ideal for youth teams who have all the energy needed to constantly attack from out wide at speed. You can ignite your players’ imagination with some fantastic drills and sessions that get them playing the game at a pace that overwhelms the opposition.

So why not get your players to play the Bielsa way and attack at every opportunity. They will really enjoy playing like this and the parents will love watching this style. You can get going right away with these two activities.

Crossing the ball on the run is is one of the harder skills that wingers need and it helps them to catch out defenders on the counterattack without stopping or slowing the attack down.

To get young players used to using counter attacks use this activity to help them understand the speed and the direct play that can result in a goal. 3v2 Counter attacking can be used against any opponents and should be part of your attacking tactical bible.

Don’t forget to check out all the Return to Play activities for you to use while your club is still under social distancing rules.

I you want something to listen to, head over to my Podcast where there is a variety of subjects to choose from or if you have an Alexa-enabled device you can simply ask Alexa to “enable Soccer Coach Weekly”.

We now have a lesson plan for all the Principles of Play, attacking and defending, in the Coaching Classroom so make sure you head over to see what you should be coaching your players so they understand the Principles of Play. The latest one is Control and restraint.

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