Pre-season prep

Over the holiday period you want to be playing games and keeping your players aware of the techniques and tactics you will want to use during pre-season and be ready when the season starts.

You need to play games, get the basics right and your team will be ready to go.

At my club we will be going into the break with an eye on gearing up for pre-season and all the extra work behind the scenes that goes into putting a team on the pitch.

Keep players up to date with the shape you want your players to keep next season. Team shape – pass from the back is a great game to play that gets players alert to the ball from the back.

If you have younger players make sure their techniques are up to scratch before you go into pre-season with Dribble the ball 5 yards and score. This works for other techniques as well – try my session for Running with the ball.

Finally Beat two and score is a dream practice for players who love to show off their skill and dribbling ability. Players must compete to dribble outside the opponent’s end line and into a second 1v1 situation where a quick change of direction can give them the opportunity to shoot.

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