Recover from a poor start to the season

The early weeks of the new season can be difficult to manage… just ask Ole Gunnar Solskjaer at Manchester United. All those expectations can come to nothing if the team fails to play to its full potential.

This can be for a number of reasons – tough opponents, unfit players, missing players, new players that take time to fit in with the rest of the team and sometimes just bad luck that gathers pace. My own teams have started seasons poorly but slowly got better and managed to overcome the obstacles to turn the season around.

They have overcome challenges that some teams find hard to do – in some cases decision-making suffers, players hide on the pitch, technical errors become more obvious and players stop listening.

For your players it’s vital you spend time highlighting what has gone well during matches and use the advice below to give your team a better chance of getting back to winning ways.

A good coach will eliminate technical errors in players to help them improve. Use our six-step guide to help correct the technique of your players in the right way. Read Six steps to banish your team’s technical errors.

One question I get asked a lot is how to deal with players who get scared on match days. What to do when a player hides on the pitch gives some great advice to help you get your players wanting the ball which makes all the difference during matches

How your team deals with defeat can have important repercussions on how they perform in the next match. Four lessons to learn from losing helps your team to rediscover the winning formula and the reason losing can be a step forward.

Having started working with a new team over past couple of weeks I have had to remind myself of some best practice that often gets lost when you’ve been coaching a team for a long time. A good time to reassess the way I talk to my players will help you make sure mentally your players are prepared to go out and turn things around on the pitch.

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