Return to play: More than just passing

“Can we do more than just passing!” – I am sure you’ve heard this during your training sessions in the current social distancing, non-contact play. Which is what a lot of coaches have also been asking me.

There are lots of ways to make passing activities more beneficial to your players before they are allowed to take part in contact sessions. Try these non-contact games – I can guarantee your players will have fun with them.

The first one to try is this passing and sprinting warm up that you can use for a non-contact activity with your players. Return to play: skills test is great fun and a physical workout which adds pressure to the players’ passing.

The other session I use to add something to a passing activity is Return to play: Smart interplay which is a passing game with an inventive twist taking place in the midfield areas.

If you want something to listen to, head over to my Podcast where there is a variety of subjects to choose from or if you have an Alexa-enabled device you can simply ask Alexa to “enable Soccer Coach Weekly”.

And check out the Coaching Classroom where we now have a full set of Attacking and Defending Principles of Play lessons that you can give to your players online or in the classroom.

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