Return to play: Skills curriculum

I have found that using sessions from my Skills Curriculum is a great way to keep within the latest rules for youth sport and to give my players a good learning experience at the same time.

Using the unopposed sessions from the different age groups you can keep an eye on the social distancing measures that are particular to your area and it will be a great session for them.

You don’t have to start from the beginning of the curriculum you can dip and out to select sessions that fit the bill and then when the season starts properly and training is back to normal you can run the curriculum as a season long coaching schedule.

I’ve been doing this for a couple of weeks and the players are really enjoying doing them. Try these two activities:

The first one to try is a simple Dribble with the ball and shoot session. But what this session does is give an end product to the dribble which is a shot and it has the kind of skills players would use during a game like dribbling and turning with the ball.

With the younger age groups you can introduce them to the idea of the third pass in a tactic sequence where the players continue to move and link up as they advance up the pitch using Pass and react to the pass. The idea is advanced but the actual execution of the idea is relatively simple to help players understand the tactic.

I you want something to listen to, head over to my Podcast where there is a variety of subjects to choose from or if you have an Alexa-enabled device you can simply ask Alexa to “enable Soccer Coach Weekly”.

And check out the latest Coaching Classroom which details the very interesting and important defending principle of play Control and restraint.

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