Return to play: Small groups

Tonight I’m back with my Under 10s to get training back on track with some social distancing sessions. My head is full of car park instructions, drop offs, pick ups, sanitisers and 2 metre distances! But it will be great to see all the players again.

My plans will be simple sessions for the small groups I am coaching and just get them all at ease because I’m sure they will find it all a bit daunting at first with the safety rules and the distancing procedure.

I will get back to you with how it goes and how over the next few weeks sessions are adapted and changed to fit in with our way of training.

So here are a couple of games I will be using to give the players a good session but also keep within the social distancing rules.

Try getting your players working on the areas in front of goal and the best way to do it without any physical contact is to run a session like Return to play: Quick interplay. Keep your eye on the players so they stay apart and get them to play a fast passing to goal movement.

Return to play: Avoid the pass is one a session that gives the players two things to think about. Passing and receiving but also they have to try not to hit each other’s balls. It can put them off especially with the younger groups.

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