Return to play with your striker

What the return to play rules allow me to do is to concentrate on certain aspects of the game in a different way. Normally with shooting I would play small sided games with plenty of chances to score –m but always with pressure from defenders. You don’t always need pressure

I intend to have a shooting practice that is all about accuracy and power. This is an ideal opportunity for all coaches to get their players shooting which is always greeted with cheers from the players and they have great fun.

I’m working in groups of 4 and 5 with my players so the sessions reflect that.

Start your session with Return to play: Lone striker that gets strikers being strong and single minded in putting the ball in the back of the net. It is a really good session for the striker and one that all your players will find fun. Also the other players in the session have vital roles to play.

It’s never easy to run 1v1 sessions when you are not allowed to have any contact! However Return to play: 1v1 striker test allows the striker to take on a number of defenders 1v1 because they are in goal. This is all about them using their skill to place the ball past the keeper – it’s learning a match day skill.

And check out my latest podcast Touchline Tales: Episode Two – Goalkeepers. This is a conversation with the goalkeeper coaches and has some very good and interesting advice.

Don’t forget to look out for the next Coaching Classroom which will be released tomorrow – it details the very interesting and important defending principle of play Control and restraint.

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