Score more stunners

We all love to see a stunner – goals from outside the box are always a spectacular way to hit the back of the net. It is often seen as a waste of possession but in youth soccer young goalkeepers will find it hard to keep out an accurate shot hit with power.

It does take a lot of practice to get accuracy and power into a shot. So if you want your players to shoot when they have time and space from outside the box try using these activities to give your players the confidence to try to score a stunner in matches.

Don’t forget, this should be fun as well, which child doesn’t like trying to hit the target from a long way out!

Start with a simple pass and shoot session. Score from long range does exactly that. The session improves shooting technique and gives players confidence to shoot from long range. It also develops decision-making, as players make choices about when and where to shoot and which part of their foot to use.

Now we are looking to get players thinking about when and where they can shoot. When attacking the final third, there needs to be a trade off between tactics, technique, combinations and creativity. Getting players to try something different can be hard but Overload attack allows players to set up and shoot from further out.

Tales of the unexpected is a session that is all about catching the opposition off their guard by shooting at goal from a long way out. It’s all about setting up the play and getting players to shoot from outside the penalty area to make it difficult for the opposition to defend.

Finally here are my 6 tips for sharp shooters – a checklist for getting your players to use the right technique to shoot with accuracy and power.

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