Season planning: Organising your defence

Organising your players at the back is vital to the ability of your team to compete in matches. Your defenders must be able to react to the play in front of them and move accordingly. Whatever defensive formation you set up, your players will need to be able to recover to deal with the different situations on the pitch

How to defend overloads as an individual and Screen positions show how a pivot player sits in the screen position, which shields the defence. The beauty of the session is the simple way a young player can learn the role, and it has a great graphic that will help your players understand.

Now focus on the art of centre-backs in your defence. How to defend at corners and Team shape via central defenders take the defenders into situations that require them to concentrate on maintaining their positions. The defending a corner session should be a blueprint for defending any set pieces in and around the area.

Finally, a good way of getting players to recognise their responsibilities within the defensive structure is to get them out of position then with something like a counter attack see if they know where to get back to in order to defend their goal. Position decisions is one of my favourite sessions for this.

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