Send your players some challenges – inside and outside

In these troubled times we need to make sure as coaches that we are sending out some information about what players can do when they are on their own with siblings and parents. Having two sons and a daughter I can set up mini games and set targets that they have to hit with the ball. Simple stuff.

You can send out challenges to your players that can help them to keep up their skill level and also take the boredom out of being stuck at home with no team games. I’ve also included a couple of podcasts you can listen to that will help you in your coaching.

Set targets for them to do like try to do two more keepy uppies each day so they can build them up and this helps their ball skills ready for when training returns.

Also what I like to do is either assign each player in my team with a top player – or get them to pick their favourite player – in the game and ask them to write down 10 things that player does that makes him so great. so it could be tactics, skills, vision or support play. Your players can choose.

One of the things I also like to set up are free-kick challenges. Can they pass to mum or dad and get the ball back? Can they link up with their brother and sister and attack from a free kick? Can they shoot over the garden table into the net? Here are a mixture of free kicks players can use on their own or with the rest of the family:

These two sessions are great to help develop a player’s free kick technique from this activity and game

These two tactics can give you good options for ideas to build on if your team finds it difficult to head the ball

Or if you have a great kicker of the ball you can shoot like Bale

And if your team can create from crosses with headers or volleys try these

And listen to my latest podcasts

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