Small-sided games are great for pre-season

Small-sided games are a great way to give your players lots of touches of the ball and get them back on track for playing matches.

Try these four small-sided games that work on different aspects of your players’ technique.

A great tactic to practice in a small-sided game is counter-attacking after winning the ball at an opposition corner. Corner Rebels helps you get your players coordinating and linking up at speed to make the most of catching the opposition upfield and out of position.

Driving the game from midfield is a good positive way to put pressure on your opponents and set up goal-scoring chances. Four pass strike is a game of quick passing at high tempo that works on ball skills and shooting technique.

With counter-attacks being such a successful way to score goals in youth football, I always work on getting my defenders to react quickly wherever they are on the pitch. Position decisions works on getting defenders to recover quickly into the vulnerable areas in front of goal to help stop the fast counter-attack.

Finally, give your players a bit of shooting practice with one of my players’ favourite fun games 7 goal shooting range. Not only does it work on the accuracy of shots but also on game management with so many targets on offer.

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