Three ways to react in transitions

Reacting to transitions is a vital ingredient in a successful team. The ideal you are aiming for is when a team regains possession it spreads out to create space, passing the ball quickly, then playing to a target player to score.

It is also important for defenders who must quickly organise well, stay alert and aim to regain possession as quickly as possible when the ball is lost.

Here are my three favourite ways to train for transitions in a match:

3v2 transitions gives your players a good test of their attacking and defending skills. The attackers have the edge and must make the most of winning the ball, but the defenders must make sure they block shots in the game where the idea is to knock the ball off the cone.

There are lots of changes of overload situations in Transitions your number’s up so reaction is key to success. This is a great game with two different ways to score and players moving to another game leaving spaces for teams to attack.

My final session is called Success in transitions because that is what we are aiming for. It is a brilliant overload game that never allows players to relax. Because it is performed in a playing area that most aren’t accustomed to, they should be constantly aware of transition situations developing around them.

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