Tips for promotion or relegation

You know that feeling… elation when your team is promoted and pats on the back from the parents, but that awful one in the pit of your stomach when the players are relegated at the end of a long season and the parents are kicking off.

But both promotion and relegation bring problems. How are you going to fare in a division above that contains teams that will give your youngsters a thrashing? On the other hand being relegated could mean going to a league in which your team wins every week or at least doesn’t get beaten. Much more fun if that happens.

Here is my advice and an activity for dealing with the situation:

When a team gets either promoted or relegated, it’s not the end of the story. Find out what you’ll need to do to prepare for the fresh challenges ahead next season. Going up or going down gives you tips to survive and how to plan for the following season.

Teach your players how to win vital games and how to keep trying until the end. Promotion or relegation involves a lot of different winning scenarios. With make or break games it is important that players understand what it means if they lose. This helps them to concentrate.

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