Train the way you play

Creating a way for your team to play is an important part of your season plan. I like my teams to play a fast passing game, and I am pleased that my players like this style of play (which can also be put down to the fact that they watch teams like Manchester City, Liverpool and Leeds United doing it).

Fast play needs plenty of practice with passing sessions and small-sided games to get the team up to speed when they play in matches.

With this in mind I have created training drills so you can train the way you play with speed and precision.

First of all you need a good training session that will work as a warm up for the passing activities ahead. As its name suggests Fast passing moves is a great way to kick off any training session working on passing in tights spaces on the pitch.

Then you can break into my Five minute basics: pressure passing game to get players putting pressure on the ball and making it harder to be in control of the ball and pass with accuracy.

I always like to move into a small-sided game once I have got my players warmed up on the theme of the training session. Fast central attacks encourages understanding between players through timing of runs, weight of pass, and expectation of a team mate’s movement.

Finally to round the training session off play Fast feet to help your players to develop fast feet capable of accurate and effective one-touch passing. Using these games and activities will give your players a great workout in fast combination play.

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