Turn possession into goals

I see a lot of statistics on the TV that often show the teams with the most possession don’t always win games – you can have the ball as much as you want but if you are not doing something different then it’s much easier for the defence to break the attack down. Keeping the ball is a small part of the game, you have to make use of it.

My Under 10s are creating a lot of chances from having a lot of possession this season and that is excellent…. but they haven’t always done this. We work on possession based session in training but try to have an outcome at the end so they get used to trying to get the ball into positions to score.

Changing the angle of attack is a crucial part of this – this means that the defenders are having different problems to solve which will mean space is created by the simple fact that they are having to respond in different areas of the pitch. It gives your players more ways to exploit dangerous areas of the pitch and coupled with good finishing should mean your team scores more goals.

Here are my four best ways to change the angle of attack:

Getting the ball wide is often key to changing the angle it comes into the penalty area. Crossing points helps to get players to use the option of going wide and crossing into the penalty area if they are finding it difficult to penetrate or the penalty area becomes too crowded

Practice plans are a good way to get your players ready for matches – in 4v4 switch opponent teams must be able to quickly move the ball in different directions to build an attack. Defenders must also be able to react to different angles of approach.

For more advanced teams Angles of attack tests a number of developmental characteristics in players, from the technical – multiple and varied touches and passes of the ball, position-specific work and handling pressure – to tactical linking with players in similar positions and game understanding linked to rules and conditions

Younger players like having fun at training and Top Gun is a great way to get them to change the angle they are attacking the goal. The team must get the ball to their Top Gun, but they cannot score until the Top Gun has linked with a support player. When the support player has linked up with the Top Gun they can either shoot or pass back to the Top Gun or another team mate.

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