Two ways to finish what you started

More often than not in grassroots soccer, young players don’t get themselves into a position to finish a move that they started. It’s worth pointing your players in the direction of the Premier League strikers, who can show them how to pass and move into a position where a couple of passes later they have a clear chance to shoot.

When you look at the best strikers in the world, they all have the same thing in common – they work hard to get themselves into the best positions to score. You simply will not find a lazy striker in the modern game, or a ‘goal hanger’ as they used to be known.

Today, defenders are more agile, more aware of what’s around them, meaning the strikers they are marking need to be one, maybe two steps ahead – they have to work hard to get themselves into a goalscoring position.

Try these two sessions to get your strikers into a position to finish off moves:

Following up a pass into the final third is vital so attacking players get on the end of chances and score goals. Use Quick thinkers and your players will be attacking the goal at every opportunity.

One of my favourite sessions is Fast break. It improves quick attacking and combination play. The attackers must break forward in order to use the extra player and create a chance to score.

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