United Soccer Coaches Digital Convention open… lots to learn

I’m usually high up in the sky on my way to the United Soccer Coaches convention in America at this time of the year – last year I was at the convention in Baltimore and there was loads of coaching education on offer. Yet it is still exciting to be entering the United Soccer Coaches Digital Convention 2021 on my computer in the home office.

The convention provides all sorts of learning opportunities and as all forms of coaching has been put on hold as my country tries to get the Covid-19 virus under control it is a great time to listen and learn.

Now is a good time to go over some of the things that happened last year before I get stuck into the online sessions that are being broadcast at the convention this week – it will also be great to see some friendly faces and catch up on all the news from the other side of the Atlantic.

And hopefully the steps the Government has taken will eventually get us all back to some kind of normality.

I did quite a few podcasts in Baltimore and I’ve put up a couple here for you to listen to as they have some great coaching advice. Also the mental side of being in lockdown or missing out on meeting old friends can bring its own kind of problems so read on to get some advice on that.

Listen to my podcast with Rick Meana about his coaching education programme that covers philosophy, methodology and how the youth players are educated with fun, a sense of belonging, development and the best way to discipline out of line players.

Also another interesting podcast features Steven Drinkell, a goalkeeper coach at the Westminister School in Atlanta, Georgia. I spoke with Steve to gain an insight into the secrets of coaching what is probably the most difficult position in the team.

The mental side of things comes into play at the moment as it can be easy to just give up when facing another day locked in the house. Mentally strong people have healthy habits. They manage their emotions, thoughts, and behaviours in ways that set them up for success in life. Check out these things that mentally strong people don’t do.

Learning is something I try to do as often as possible. One course I really enjoyed was how to get coaching points across without bombarding players with instructions. Coach using actions not words is a great way to keep player concentration throughout training sessions.

If you want to check out the United Soccer Coaches digital convention 2021 watch the video

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