Watch and discuss training games online

I know that when I get my team back in training one of the first games we will play will be a series of Rondos. They are food and drink to my players and they cannot wait to get back to them.

This week I will start to prepare my players for the Rondo games by showing them a video clip in our next Zoom meeting. Rondos are really good for getting players back into passing and receiving. The challenge is also to keep the ball from the pressing players. My players will all be watching the video Rondos: Six player position games. All the games are for 7 players.

By getting them to watch the Rondos being played it will show them how to move and how to press in the different scenarios that will unfold when I show them the video. You can show your players too by putting the video onto a Zoom chat and talking it through with them.

Try the sessions below if you are playing non-contact games so cannot play the Rondos.

Non-contact passing for 5 players Passing sequences are fun ways to get your team used to linking play and using the ball with good direction and weight. You can see a sequence like this put to good use when coaching playing out from the back, counter-attacking and midfield play. It requires practice in technique and skill.

In the second session, if you want your team to have more creative options in the final third, use Non-contact support patterns to encourage players to support team-mates and improve first-touch and accurate passing.

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