Working with parents and disruptive players

Just when I think I have seen it all another problem rears it’s ugly head on training night. I have worked with disruptive players every club I have coached at, from U7s right through to U18s but I got very frustrated this week with a new player who just wasn’t interested in training.

“Can I be the goalkeeper?” he kept saying, usually from a position lying prone on the pitch. He just didn’t want to play the game. His parents were very supportive and keen for him to be involved, “but not as a goalkeeper, he hates being a goalkeeper”. Hmm interesting.

I have yet to see him play a game so will reserve judgment until after that.

But this brings home to me the vital role players and parents have in making the team they are involved with work. Parents mostly do great work but they can also have a negative effect on the team.

Have a look at the advice below – I hope it helps you resolve parent and player problems.

I will start with an article from my blog Dealing with critical parents. As we all know, parents cause problems because they only watch one thing – their own child. So the criticism you will get from parents should be listened to but not taken at face value. They can also be a nuisance on the touchline, shouting at the referee and their own child. Read Red card the problem parents for some tips on dealing with them at your matches and coaching sessions.

One of the other problems I am always asked about is how to tame a team of players that just complain and moan all the time. They would rather joke around than listen to the coach. My 8 tips to tame an undisciplined team will help you deal with them.

Also during an AskDave surgery I was asked How do I prevent disruptive players ruining my sessions? Read my answer to this coach’s problem.

Finally, to end on a positive note, look out for the 5 telltale signs your players are enjoying training. You want to get them coming back every week enthusiastic and raring to go.

There are lots more areas of advice in the Team Management section so go check it out and find an answer to your particular problem.

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