Possess or press

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This drill works as a warm up to a training session or something to play before a game to get teams up to speed. It works like a rondo with a possession team and a pressing team with players reacting to transitions of play MORE

The last defender is also a playmaker

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In these days of attack and counter attack there is a huge role for the last defender to sweep up when the team lose the ball and keep the attackers away from goal. The role can be to hold up play or to remove the danger by clearing the ball, but also in a forward looking team this player makes passes from deep like a playmaker. MORE

Send in your questions for Michael Beale

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Rangers first team coach Michael Beale is going to be on a Soccer Coach Weekly podcast and anyone who owns one of those books, or is interested in how Michael uses the sessions inside them, can end in a question and you will be in with a chance of having it answered. MORE

Down but not out

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Get your players to contest their own Club World Cup – one team is winning but the other team has a numerical advantage. Which team will be crowned world champions? MORE

Attack! Attack!

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Age group: U7 – U14 Set up: Create a 20 x 30 playing area. This might seem like a big area for just four players but the big space will create more breakaway situations and will encourage players to run into spaces during matches.   Place a small goal on each end line. Split your... MORE

Defending in pairs

Double team

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The practice allows you to start to introduce the idea of how multiple units on the field start to work and interact with each other. It also introduces the idea of recovering once the ball passes you on the field. MORE



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Dummy describes the deception employed when a player lets the ball run past him or through his legs to a team mate. MORE



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A one-two is a passing movement used by two players in order to go beyond or between defenders. MORE

Set and go

Set and Go

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Set and go is a movement used by a centre-forward to enable him to shake off a defender and make space to get a shot away. MORE

Drop off

Drop Off

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Drop off is a delaying tactic used when a team is defending against a fast attack, or a counter attack. MORE

Force inside

Force Inside

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Force inside is a defensive tactic. The nearest defender to the ball goes to pressure the opponent and block forward momentum. MORE

Force outside

Force Outside

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When forcing outside, the defending team gets compact to stop the opponents passing in the centre of the pitch. MORE

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