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The Key Player feature

The Key Player

Use this session to show your team the importance of a ‘key player’, whose free-roaming role on the pitch tips the balance in favour of the attacking team. Why use it This session helps you to coach a key player in your team to set up plays and unlock the opposition’s defence. Balls played into […]

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The kids don't understand my sessions

The kids don’t understand my sessions…

“I’m struggling with getting kids to understand the sessions I run – it’s embarrassing in front of their parents. Is there a secret to getting the information across?” – Under 10s Boys Coach Answer Player understanding is one of the key elements of a coaching session – and of course coach understanding. It’s the chicken […]

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Three Strikes game

6-player “Three Strikes” game

In this fun and challenging training exercise your players will have to be accurate at speed to win the game. Why use it Accuracy and pace are very strong attributes in the attacking toolbox of young players. There are decisions to be made in this game and a lot of ball control is involved. Set […]

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Soccer drill to practise losing a marker

There's nothing worse than having your toes bruised by a tight marker, who wins the ball every time a pass is sent your way. Use the following soccer drill to coach players in the skills of losing a marker so they can receive a pass. In this soccer drill you need to tell your players […]

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