5 books for coaches of all ages and levels

01. THE TOUGH STUFF by Cody Royle

“I would recommend it for all coaches who are interested in getting a behind- the-scenes look at many of the unseen struggles – things like the weight of caring, identity issues, the loneliness, the borderline decisions, the sleeplessness.

“The book’s subtitle is ‘Seven Hard Truths About Being A Head Coach’. The ‘hard truths’ Cody dissects in the book are: 1. Everyone thinks you’re an idiot; 2. Your fiercest rival is yourself; 3. You don’t possess the God Particle; 4. You’re not a coach (you’re a person who coaches); 5. You’re hired for your brain; 6. Every word counts; and 7. Tactics don’t really matter.

“A great book that covers a variety of topics that are not talked about enough in the coaching world.”


02. LEGACY by James Kerr

“A book which goes deep into the heart of one of the world’s most successful sports teams, the legendary All Blacks rugby union team of New Zealand.

“The book covers 15 powerful and practical lessons for leadership – or, as the cover puts, what the All Blacks can teach us about the business of life.

“It’s an interesting and insightful book that I would recommend for any sports fan in general. It is also great for anyone interested in how culture and mindset can improve performance, whether as an individual, part of a team or in a business setting.

“This book can really help you with motivating yourself and others.”



“This book gives practical advice to anyone interested in bettering themselves as a player or as a person.

“It offers a relatable and pragmatic approach for all young footballers, teaching valuable life lessons across the domains of productivity, lifestyle design and learning through the medium of football.

“The book explores the mindset required to reach the top level, and how setting goals can help you achieve your dreams.

“As a coach, you can scale and apply the messages and principles found throughout the book to your own coaching.”


04. EDUCATING FOOTBALL by Steve Sallis

“I have never highlighted so much in a book as I have this one.

“A monster of a tome, with 39 chapters built into six sections, it describes itself as a guide to how teachers, coaches and parents can develop a ‘solutions mindset’ for their players.

“The book constantly challenges the reader to ensure their own standards are of the highest quality.

“It brings teaching and coaching to light and highlights how self-awareness is the key driver for ensuring excellence in long-term development.

“Steve’s book is a must read and covers so many areas that can be used in coaching.”


05. GOLD DUST by David and Keith Mayer

“This book is filled with stories and experiences from coaches at the top of their game across different sports, including first-team managers, head coaches, academy managers and elite youth coaches.

“Throughout the book, you will learn techniques around how you can optimise your athletes’ learning and performance and the environment you coach in, as well as how you can make your athletes feel better about what they do.”

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