Moving off the ball


The can be used for various passing and receiving outcomes.


Use an area size of 6×12 yards, or adjust to fit your space, with a halfway line. You can increase the 1v1 in the central area to a 2v1, 2v2 or whatever you feel best serves your desired outcomes and numbers.


The ball starts with an end player and every pass must be played through the central attacker in the grid, two outside players cannot pass to each other. Players look to maintain possession until ball can be played into the opposite end player.

Once the attack is complete, start again with a new ball. The central defender must look to intercept and regain possession. The defender should then play to the serving end player to reset practice, but can be stopped by the central attacker. Points are scored between the players in the middle.


First touch to keep ball on safe side away from oncoming pressure. Pass election and execution. Movement to create space to receive or for others to receive. Whether to penetrate or retain possession. Supporting movements of attackers to play forward.

1. Set up with six players around the outside of the area and two (an attacker and defender) in the middle

2. Players aim to get the ball from one end player to the other. Outside players cannot pass to each other so each pass must go via the central attacker

3. If the defender wins the ball back they can counter- attack by passing to an end player

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