Possess or press

This drill works as a warm up to a training session or something to play before a game to get teams up to speed. It works like a rondo with a possession team and a pressing team with players reacting to transitions of play

Set up

Set up an area 30×30 yards including “goals” on each side like the diagram shows. In this set up we show 14 players including two servers but you can use this with any number.

How to play it

Play a 4v4 game with two target players for each team that stand behind the coned goals. You also need two servers. One of the servers starts the game by passing a ball into the area and the servers control the game if the ball goes out of play by passing another ball in. Teams pass the from one target player to the other, and the last player to touch the ball before it reaches the target player swaps places.


You are looking for creative play to get the teams out of difficult situations and good passing, receiving and support play. Communication is key to getting the ball between target players.

  1. A server kicks the game off with a pass to one of the teams
  2. Now the team in possession must play forward to pass through the pitch

3.Teams score a point for getting the ball successfully from one target player to the other. The player making the last pass must switch with the target player

4. Progress to two touch and switching back to the first target player after two passes

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