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Explosive in Midfield feature

Explosive in Midfield

Yaya Toure can drive defenders backwards, find space and exploit it. Use this fast session to teach your midfielders how to drive play in different ways, just like the Ivory Coast star. Why use it Attacking play from midfield can fire a team forward and create the kind of chances in the final third that […]

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Passing Pairs Rondo Feature

Passing Pairs Rondo

Straight from the Fulham Academy training ground, this warm-up will help develop your team’s ability to use both feet and to pass accurately. Why use it This is a great warm up to get your players passing the ball and working in sequences and passing patterns. Using a circle is a good way to get […]

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How to create overloads in attack featured

How to create overloads in attack

Strikers need to do more than just score goals – sometimes they have to hold the ball up until support players arrive to create overloads in attack. Why use it Important for the players to create space with the overload attack, keeping possession until the midfield support arrives and movement of players to open routes […]

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Unopposed build up and combination play feature

Unopposed build up and combination play

If you want to discover the next Harry Kane star use this session. Release your wide players to cross for the attackers who must time their runs to arrive in the box at the same time as the ball. Set up Area: Half Pitch Equipment: 6 cones, 1 goal No. of Players: 10 Outfield, 1 […]

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Don't let them score feature

Playing well in training but not in matches?

This session is all about cover and support play. Every player has to attack and defend which helps you to develop match play in training. Why use it Big overload for team with no goalkeeper coaches players in the need to shoot early when outnumbered and for the overload team to cover at the back. […]

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14-player game for zonal defending

14-player game to practice zonal defending

Once your players understand the concept of zonal defending, this game allows you to put the system into context and gets them playing a game with lots of corners. Why use it The defending team is coached how to get into formation in a match when they have lost the ball and how to quickly […]

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Collapse around the ball

Collapse around the ball defending tactic

The term collapse around the ball is used to describe how a team’s defenders drop back to support a team mate pressing the ball. For example, when a pass is played into an opposing forward, one defender goes tight and stops the opponent from turning. Now the other three defenders collapse around the team mate […]

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Simple Support Session Feature

Simple Support

If you want your players to score more goals try this fast and simple game to encourage them to beat the opposition with clever passes, shots and skills. Why use it This is a simple 4v4 game where clever link play or individual skill will create a goalscoring opportunity due to the numbers on the […]

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U8 pre-match activity feature

U8s pre-match activity

Under 8s usually turn up to matches highly charged and in a state of great excitement, but any hanging around in rain or cold or just generally having to wait for the game to start brings them down to earth with a bang and so they have to be charged back up again! The way […]

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