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movement of the ball

Movement off the ball is crucial

When I played the session SHORT ATTACKS with my Under 14s the tempo of the session became very high working into the 3v2 which helped with the boys movement and support play. What you are trying to coach your players in this session is to look for the disguising of passes with the use of subtle reverse […]

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concussion player

Concussion rears its ugly head again

Concussion has become a big issue – perhaps THE big issue in sport. Everyone is talking about it, the media have regular news stories focusing on players suffering with it, and lawyers are making a killing from it. It is almost as though this is a new phenomenon… some recently discovered major health issue that […]

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Celta de Vigo Football Club

Spanish footballer imprisoned for push

The Criminal Court of Vigo sentenced a local football player to four months’ imprisonment for a personal injury offence which occurred in a football game in Vigo, a city situated in north-west Spain. The offence was committed by the convicted football player who pushed his competitor against the advertising hoardings. As a consequence, the competitor hit […]

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FIFA logo

US “soccer moms” sue FIFA over concussions

A group of young American footballers and their parents have sued FIFA and US football groups over the risks from concussions. The California class-action lawsuit accuses the sport’s governing bodies of acting “carelessly and negligently” and failing to protect young players. The filing also calls for new safety rules, including limiting the number of headers […]

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Jeff Astle

US soccer bans young players from heading

Players aged 10 and under are banned from headers by US Soccer after a lawsuit from parents. The governing body has introduced a number of safety measures to settle a lawsuit accusing it of negligence in treating and monitoring head injuries. The ban includes national team and Major League Soccer academies. Players aged between 11 […]

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